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  • BWF World Tour Finals: PV Sindhu enters final
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‘Sabse Smart Kaun’ will make audience celebrate their smartness

‘Sabse Smart Kaun’ will make audience celebrate their smartness

By Sanya Pandey

New Delhi, May 22 (UNI) Television actor Ravi Dubey who is all set to host yet another reality show ‘Sabse Smart Kaun’, says the show has a great content and will make the audience celebrate and appreciate their smartness.

Talking to UNI, Ravi, who was in the national capital recently said, "Sabse Smart Kaun will make the audience celebrate and appreciate their smartness. It is a great content.”

“We are conditioned to believe that we have to know a lot to become something in life. This is one space which will make you believe that who you are and as you are, just being a little more alert than you are, looking at your reality with little more open eyes. It is 'Akalmand ko banaye daulatmand',” Ravi said.

When asked what is the USP of the show, Ravi said,”the USP of the show is -- it is for the common man. When I say common man it is not an overtly aware person, somebody who is probably extremely aware about the current affairs. Not somebody who is highly intellectual in terms of general knowledge or current affairs. So, it is not a show about general knowledge, not a show about history, geography etc. It is essentially about your smartness, presence of mind, alertness.”

“It makes it extremely different in that regard. The biggest USP of the show is the whole country plays along together,” he said.

On asking what attracted him to the script, the ‘Jamai Raja’ fame actor said,” It was unique. The show gives me an opportunity to be a part of the show that is literally changing lives. Because those who are coming in the show, the amount really matters to them.”

“The people who are coming are really the heroes. They are wonderful personalities, beautiful individuals, and they have nice warm feeling of being there. They are taking the amount with lot of grace. And there are people who are playing along with the us from the entire country and winning money which is helping them in changing their lives,” he said.

On asking about the criteria of selecting the contestants, Ravi said,” It is not a talent based show. At the end of the day many factors are being kept in mind with the channel, the production.They together make the effort of selecting whom they want to.Like who they are as individuals, as family it matters.”

If any celebrities from the Bollywood or TV world will be seen in the show, Ravi kept the answer open ended.

“I will keep that open ended right now. But you will see that,” he said.

Ravi, who has recently hosted ‘Rising Star Season 2’, when asked if he finds hosting comfortable than fiction shows, said it is an extension of performance.

“It's an extension of performance. and it stays whether you are performing on one camera or other, one space or the other. However I am enjoying the non-fiction space as it is live in nature. It's a live wire, you have to be on your feet.You become creative. When you move out of non-fiction show you become good speaker,” Ravi said.

“You are more aware, more alert, looking at things more promptly, you are not relying over already given skeleton,” he said.

On does he miss acting, Ravi said,” At the end of the day fiction show is also performance and non-fiction is also.There is no difference. It's always you in front of the camera. Just that when you are playing the character your name changes. At all times it's you in front of the camera.”

“In one sense you are not really acting. the difference is in one place you are following a script and other place there is no script. but at the end you are still the performer,” he said.

On asking who he finds smartest in the TV industry, the actor said,”I have never given it a thought. I think people make decisions in response to their own lives and existences, needs, and the way they perceive life, and most importantly to their self worth. so it will make u smart or not so smart.Everybody is smart in their own capacity.”

Whether it is his conscience decision of not doing fiction shows or is he looking for good content, Ravi said,”good content is always inspiring.But the conscience decision is not to engage in long term commitments.”

“The audience will not see me now doing one,two or three year project. I want to engage in shorter commitments, and get into another commitment. I want to move into a project with full power and exit from it with the same intensity. Which is why I have restricted myself as far as length of the commitment is concerned,” he said.

Asking about his opinion on the television graph these days, Ravi said there have been big changes.

“The canvas of the industry is huge. TV industry has beautifully evolved. it is in a wonderful space right now. There are big milestones achieved by TV. The non-fiction shows have evolved massively since then to now,” he said.

“In non-fiction space we are truly international right now. When you compare non fiction space in India to international there is resonance,” he said.

Talking about his view on emerging web medium, Ravi said,” We have a long way to go. I think it's a great start. We have taken important steps, and we are definitely getting better.”

The actor who will be also seen in movie ‘3 Dev’, when asked what is more important for him films or TV, said,”Being in front of the cameras is most important for me. I am loving my space in "Sabse Smart Kaun' right now. I am loving the fact people are winning money, they are changing their lives. I am loving the fact that I am in the epicentre of that all.”

“I am happy and proud of the fact that here we are celebrating the people as they are not expecting them to be how aware or technologically smart they are. That's not what the show is about.”

The game show is going to bring a change for the audiences from the usual fiction shows.

According to reports, it is stated that the show will replace ‘Ikyawann’ and will soon air from June 4.

The makers of the show have also launched the promos of their upcoming show which are loved by the audiences.


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