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Wind-solar hybrid may be future energy solution

By Jaison Wilson
Wind-solar hybrid may be future energy solution

Bhuj, Gujarat, Dec 18 (UNI) Fossil fuel reserves, the major share of current moving energy power of the world are finite and running out. But the current scenario is not just that but the increasing carbon emission that destructs our environment.

Transitioning rapidly to a future fuelled by renewable energy, combined with improving energy efficiency, is the single most effective way to stave off catastrophic climate change while providing citizens with a better quality of life. Awarded the title of ‘Champion of the Earth ' by the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) in 2009, Managing Director of Renewable energy giant Suzlon, Tulsi Tanti says the wind-solar hybrid solution is the future of the country.

Water, energy and ecosystems must be maintained as they are interconnected to each other . As per the discussion in the annual conference of global think tank Club of Rome, the greatest challenge on earth would be to meet the demands when the population will cross over 9 billion by 2050 which will require 50 per cent additional power.

According to sources, about 60 per cent of India's electricity comes from coal-based power plants. However in COP22 climate change conference held in Morocco last November ,India has set a target to increase its clean energy share -- solar and wind -- by 40 per cent by 2022 to 175 Giga Watts and 100 GW solar alone.

On October 7 this year, the Paris Agreement formally ‘entered into force’, after 55 countries with cumulative emissions accounting for 55 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions ratified the Agreement, whose text was agreed upon at the Conference of Parties-21 meeting at Paris last December.

GDP by 30 per cent over 2005 levels and 40 per cent of India’s electricity generating capacity in the year 2030 will be non-fossil fuel based. This shows the importance of renewable energy and here we have a testimonial of the leading renewable energy giant in the country enduring value through sustainable development.

The Suzlon group strongly believes in connecting it's core capabilities to provide optimum renewable energy solutions . Apart from a technology leader the group endeavours to protect the environment , strengthen communities and propel responsible growth -- a paradigm of corporate social responsibility, says Group MD Mr Tanti 'Hero of the environment' by TIME magazine for his contribution to raising awareness and initiating action on global climate change.

The group has long been driven by the concept of sustainable development ,with a total installed capacity of its wind turbines being 15.80 GW spread across six continents , standing as sentinels of a pollution free environment we can bequeath to the next generation .

They have forayed into solar segment as well and are also focusing on wind-solar hybrid solution. Over the past two decades, Suzlon has built and consolidated its presence in 19 countries across Asia , Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America .It's global wind installation help to reduce 21 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. close to one million households tentatively powered by Suzlon.

Suzlon is a market leader in India with more than 100 wind farms with an installed capacity of over 9.8 GW spread across 9 states .It is credited developing few of Asia's largest operational onshore wind farms in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

The Kutch and Jaisalmer wind farms till date have a cumulative installation of approximately 1200 MW each. With powering a 'greener tomorrow' as the vision, the group has mandated Suzlon foundation to ensure sustainability across all it's business operations. Suzlon is guided by its philosophy of pursuing social economic ecological and sustainable development for the planet.


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