Sunday, Dec 10 2023 | Time 04:09 Hrs(IST)

Summer 2022 becomes hottest ever recorded in Europe

Moscow, Sep 8 (UNI) The summer of 2022 has become the hottest ever recorded in history of Europe, the EU's Earth Observation Programme Copernicus said on Thursday.
"The average temperature for Europe from June to August 2022 was about 1.34°C [over 2 degrees Fahrenheit] above the 1991-2020 average for the season. This is almost 0.4°C higher than that recorded for the previous warmest European summer, which occurred just one year earlier, in 2021," the climate bulletin of Copernicus said.
The number of natural disasters connected to high temperatures has increased, in particular, record droughts and wildfires prevailed in Europe this summer. According to the European Forest Fire Information System, almost 663,000 hectares (1.63 million acres) of forest were burned in the EU this year, which is a record since the beginning of such observations in 2006.
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New gas, condensate reserves discovered in S Pakistan

09 Dec 2023 | 6:40 PM

Islamabad, Dec 9 (UNI) The Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) of Pakistan has announced that it has discovered gas and condensate reserves in the country's southern Sindh province.

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Tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians without shelter in Rafah: UN

Tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians without shelter in Rafah: UN

09 Dec 2023 | 5:42 PM

Gaza, Dec 9 (UNI) The United Nations said Saturday that tens of thousands of Palestinians flocking into Rafah are facing overcrowding and in need of shelters.

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Texas SC halts order granting woman's abortion due to fatal fetus condition

09 Dec 2023 | 5:05 PM

Texas, Dec 9 (UNI) The Texas Supreme Court has paused a lower court ruling that allowed a pregnant woman whose fetus was diagnosed with a fatal condition to get an emergency abortion despite the state's strict laws against such procedures.

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4 people dead in hospital fire outside Rome

09 Dec 2023 | 4:24 PM

Rome, Dec 9 (UNI) A blaze broke out at a hospital in the Italian town of Tivoli, near Rome, killing four people and prompting an overnight evacuation of the medical facility, Italian firefighters said on Saturday.

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Ethiopia continues to experience conflict: UNICEF

09 Dec 2023 | 3:41 PM

Addis Ababa, Dec 9 (UNI) Ethiopia continues to experience ongoing conflict, large-scale displacement, and multiple disease outbreaks, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has said.

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