Tuesday, May 28 2024 | Time 20:10 Hrs(IST)

Record heat driving severe storms, droughts, fires: study

Canberra, Jan 11 (UNI) Record-high global temperatures in 2023 exacerbated droughts, floods and wildfires, Australian-led international research has found.
The study, which was published by the Global Water Monitor Consortium led by researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) on Thursday, found that rising sea surface and air temperatures are driving the growing intensity and strength of monsoons, cyclones and other storm systems.
Albert van Dijk, lead author of the study from ANU's Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics and chair of the consortium, said in a media release that their findings prove that recent intense storms around the world are part of a global pattern.
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Indian climber dies during Everest bid

Indian climber dies during Everest bid

28 May 2024 | 7:01 PM

Kathmandu, May 28 (UNI) An Indian climber rescued from Mount Everest has succumbed in hospital, a Nepali tourism official said on Tuesday, taking the number of fatalities this season on the world’s highest mountain to eight.

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Pakistani man kill daughters to avert custody to wife

28 May 2024 | 5:42 PM

Islamabad, May 28 (UNI) A man in Pakistan's Bahawalpur allegedly axed his two minor daughters minutes before a court bailiff could take the children and handover their custody to his wife.

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1M flee Rafah in 3 weeks, says UN refugee agency

28 May 2024 | 5:22 PM

United Nations, May 28 (UNI) Approximately one million (10 lakh) people have fled Rafah in the past three weeks, the United Nations Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA) said on Tuesday.

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Israeli tanks seize control of Rafah centre: Media

28 May 2024 | 5:04 PM

Rafah, May 28 (UNI) Eyewitnesses and the local media in Rafah on Tuesday reported that Israeli tanks have seized control of al-Awda roundabout in the heart of the city.

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Israel tells US that precision munition was used in strike on Gaza's Rafah

28 May 2024 | 4:23 PM

Jerusalem, May 28 (UNI) Israel informed US President Joe Biden's administration that it had used a precision munition to hit a target in Rafah in the strike that caused deaths in a camp for displaced Palestinians, but the explosion from the strike ignited a fuel tank and caused fire in the camp, CNN reported, citing a US official.

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