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  • Friday, 20 May 2022

Hyderabad: IAMC conducts its first Mediation Refresher Course

Hyderabad, May 14 (UNI) The International Arbitration and Mediation Centre (IAMC), Hyderabad organised its first Mediation Refresher Course Training at its premises here on Saturday. Addressing after inaugurating the refresher course, Telangana High court Judge Mr. Justice Ujjal Bhuyan, emphasized on how Mediation is different from the adjudicatory process and other modes of ADR. He highlighted that the mediation process is informal, confidential and allows parties to interact on a one-to-one basis. Further, mediation as a dispute resolution mechanism is inexpensive and interest based not right based. Emphasizing on the role and functions of a mediator, Justice Ujjal Bhuyan explained that a mediator does not impose a solution but creates a conducive environment in which the disputing parties can resolve their disputes. Recognizing the role of a mediator being very crucial and of importance as he/she has to remove obstacles, identify issues and explore options while facilitating mutually accepted agreements a special focus was laid on what qualities make a good mediator, Justice Ujjal Bhuyan stated that being sensitive, alert, ability to perceive, neutral, good communication skills and following a code of conduct will improve the quality of mediators and the mediation process as a whole. He said that Mediation is a skilled art that needs to be fine-tuned and upgraded always. Before concluding his address and wishing luck to all the delegates and trainers, he quoted Justice Amitava Roy who had assigned a distinct meaning to each of the alphabets for the word MEDIATION which read as follows: M- MOTIVATE ; E- ESTRANGED ; D – DISPUTANTS ; I – INTO ; A – ALIGNMENT; T – TOWARDS ; I – INFORMAL ; O – OPTIONAL and N – NEGOTIATION. IAMC Registrar (Hyderabad) Tariq Khan said that we are fortunate to have some of the leading mediators of the country as trainers for this programme and we will continue to organize such events to promote mediation culture in the state. UNI KNR SHK2350