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Dr. Sandeep Singh offers state-of-the-art orthopedic treatments in Bhubaneshwar

Dr. Sandeep Singh offers state-of-the-art orthopedic treatments in Bhubaneshwar

 Painful hip and knee joints, recurring shoulder dislocations, knee cartilage injuries are extremely painful and debilitating conditions. It becomes challenging for a person suffering from these conditions to live independently.

Decrease in mobility due to orthopaedic conditions can lead to weight gain, exacerbation of existing medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes and mental changes like depression.

With advances in orthopaedic treatments, most patients can recover and live a near normal and independent lifestyle. It is essential to seek the right doctor and get treated with the most suitable treatment without further delay. Any delay in treating these conditions lead to complications and the physical health of the patient deteriorates even further.

Dr. Sandeep Singh, a highly acclaimed orthopedic doctor in Bhubaneswar states, ‘Today, it is possible to treat patients with knee and hip replacement procedures and get them on their feet and walk without much pain and discomfort. Also, with robotic arthroplasty procedure, the surgeon can repair and treat the knee area in a more accurate way.’

Further he adds, ‘These days, robotic arthroplasty is recommended as through the robotic arm, the surgeon can perform the knee replacement surgery with greater precision and fit much better within the patient’s knee or hip. It is very much possible that the patient feels nearly normal and resumes his or her daily routine independently.’

The immense advantages of arthroscopic surgeries include smaller incisions, minimal bleeding and less trauma to nearby areas and organs which mean less scars, pain and stiffness post operation. Alongside, the patient recovers faster with nearly zero risk of complications arising due to surgery.

Dr. Sandeep Singh relates from his practical experience that most sportspeople suffers from knee related injury due to excessive use and stress on the knee. It is common for these patients to seek treatment for ligament tears, fractures, chronic knee pain and so on which can be managed through a non-surgical approach and suitable physical therapy.

But in event of major repairs to the knee such as ACL and MCL, arthroscopic or camera surgery is the recommended treatment option. It is a minimal invasive approach that ensure precision treatment and speedy recovery. Also, the athletes can return back to sports after extensive physical rehabilitation and therapy.

 About Dr. Sandeep Singh

Dr. Sandeep Singh is one the leading orthopaedic surgeons in Bhubaneshwar offering exemplary orthopaedic services to general patients as well as sportspeople.

He is an expert in handling fracture management, hamstring repair, unicompartmental knee replacements, and hip replacement surgery and so on. He has nearly eleven plus years of real time experience in treating bone and joint problems of people residing in Bhubaneshwar and Odisha on whole.

D. Sandeep Singh is available on all days in Bhubaneshwar and can be reached out at CARE Super Specialty Hospital, Prachi Enclave, Bhubaneswar-751016 and National Orthopedic Centre (NOC), 5th Janpath road, Bhubaneswar, 751001. Also, patients can call him at cell no. 8658044823 or email at

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