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9 ways to keep your skin hydrated & toned in winter

New Delhi, Nov 30 (UNI) The harsh winter climate and dry indoor air can leave your skin dry, dull, and itchy.

This is because the cold wind causes a lack of moisture in the air when humidity levels fall. The combination of cold weather and the drying effects of indoor heating can leave anyone's skin feeling dehydrated and more prone to dryness and peeling.

Regaining your glow and winning the battle against dry, dull, lifeless skin should be at the top of your priority list. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It must be adequately hydrated and nourished to sustain its health.

“It's no secret that winter is a beautiful season. But if you treat your skin well and keep it moisturised, nourished, and healthy during the cold months, it will be much more delightful. Maintaining a winter skincare regimen is simple. It doesn't even need a lot of products or steps. It's important to be mindful of the skincare products you use and how consistently you use them to avoid a bad skin day”, says Akanksha Sharma, CEO, CITTA.

Here are some necessary changes by Akanksha, that you can make to your skincare regimen to keep your skin naturally glowing and nourished:

1) Moisturise your skin deeply:

An excellent moisturizer is one of the essential components of your winter skincare arsenal since it replenishes the skin with essential lipids and restores hydration. A good moisturizer can soothe your skin and enhance its glow while increasing the moisture level in your skin. When it comes to skincare, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You need skincare products that are appropriate for the weather and your skin type.

If you have naturally dry skin, a thick ointment can be a great option to lock in moisture. Creams are suitable for normal skin. If you have oily skin, try milder, hydrating lotions. When picking a moisturizer, seek ingredients like vitamin E that help protect the skin from pollutants. You can also use a moisturizing balm that has natural oils and shea butter.

2) Stay Hydrated:

It's important to moisturize your skin to avoid having dry skin, but it's even more important to keep your skin hydrated from within. Remember, you're 60% water, and every system in your body requires it to function. So drink a lot of water every day. Also, look for hydrating ingredients to keep your skin nourished.

Natural hydrating ingredients like rose water, aloe vera, honey, turmeric, oats, and coconut oil lock in moisture and deeply nourish your skin. At the same time, they are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which ensures that your skin is rash-free. So, to avoid dry skin conditions, always hydrate your skin, preferably with natural ingredients.

3) Never forget your sunscreen:

The biggest mistake you can make in winter is not wearing sunscreen. UV radiation can cause skin damage throughout the year. Use a mineral-based sunscreen with high SPF since it is lightweight, breathable, and easy to use.

4) Moisturise your chapped lips & dry hands:

Your lips are another area that is prone to excessive dryness. Maintaining proper lip moisture is one of the best ways to avoid dry, flaky lips during winter. Your lips may get drier in the cold, so resist the urge to lick them in order to hydrate. The best solution is to use a nourishing and hydrating lip care product. However, ignoring your hands can be another big mistake.

You wash your hands frequently throughout the day. It makes them more prone to dry skin and causes roughness, redness, and even painful cracked skin. Use a moisturizing hand salve or cream every time you wash your hands, especially in the morning and evening.

5) Moisturise your body with the goodness of shea butter:

Indulge in creamy body butter or body balm with must-have natural ingredients like shea butter and natural oils to keep your skin's protective barrier hydrated during the winter. Apply it to your entire face and body before bed, and you’ll be greeted with soft, soothed skin the next morning.

6) Use Humidifiers:

This winter, invest in a high-quality humidifier to keep the moisture in your home and on your skin. To provide moisture to the dry winter air and keep your skin moisturised, run a humidifier in the areas of your home where you spend the most time, including your bedroom.

7) Avoid long, hot showers:

Nothing beats a warm bath or a hot shower on a chilly winter morning, yet nothing can dry out your skin more than these baths. If the skin is not moisturized, hot water depletes it of its natural oils, leaving it dry and flaky. So, what can we do? Simple solution: take shorter showers and lower the temperature of the water. Try to keep the temperature between 37 degree celsius and 38.5 degrees C.

8) Follow a nutritious diet:

Along with your skincare routine, it is always important to supplement a winter skincare routine with a nutritious winter diet. Increase your vitamin C consumption. It increases your body's collagen production and keeps the skin healthy, supple, and protected from wrinkles.

9) Exercise daily to boost natural radiance:

On a chilly winter day, it is highly alluring to stay warm and cosy under a blanket all day. But staying active in the winter will help you warm up, improve circulation, maintain a healthy pulse rate, and maintain your glow. To maintain your natural radiance, commit to 30 minutes of walking, jogging, or cycling three to four times a week during daylight hours.
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