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  • Seven killed, 11 injured in south China expressway accident
  • Blast outside Pakistan consulate in Afghanistan
  • Hong Kong protests turn violent, 15 policemen injured
  • Trump discussed possibility of using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes - Reports
  • Iran's FM urges diplomacy over tensions with US
  • Asian stocks down in early Monday trade amid escalation of US-Chinese trade war
  • Trump had spat with other G7 leaders over proposal to return Russia to group - Reports
  • US forces' risks rise after Seoul refused exchanging intelligence with Tokyo - State Dept
  • China hopeful of creating another investment hub in Lingang
  • Rohan Bopanna, Divij Sharan in US Open doubles with different partners
  • Rohan Bopanna, Divij Sharan in US Open doubles with different partners
  • Kerala CM, Opposition leader congrat PV Sindhu on winning Gold at BWF
  • Kerala CM, Opposition leader congrat PV Sindhu on winning Gold at BWF
  • Almost 20 people detained during protests near G7 summit in France's Biarritz - Reports
  • Heavy rain alert sounded in MP
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Xbox 360 Red Ring Lights Error Repair Tips

 In this article you are going to learn some of the best tips for Xbox 360 red error repair. Believe it or not, but this problem affects approximately one in three Xbox 360 consoles, with retailers often reporting failure rates of up to 40%. However, you can fix your Xbox and get back to gaming again; reading this article through thoroughly will be a great starting point.

One of the most unbelievable things about the Xbox 360 red ring lights error is the simple cause of this frustrating problem. Overheating, which has mostly stopped being such a major issue in consumer electronic devices for a number of years, is responsible for your Xbox 360 breaking down. It is able to occur due to an insufficient number of cooling devices such as fans and heat sinks (which work to disperse heat over a large area)

As your Xbox 360 heats up during gaming, the thermal glue which holds the graphics processor unit (GPU) in place starts to melt, allowing micro-movements of the GPU chip itself. This prevents a proper connection between the GPU and motherboard from occurring, and therefore stops your console's graphics system from functioning correctly. The red light ring on your Xbox 360 is merely there to warn you of what error has befallen your console.

So what are the tips and tricks you need to know to be able to fix your Xbox 360?

Firstly, it is important to know that the best way to repair your Xbox 360 is to fix it yourself. Paying somebody else to do the job will cost you large amounts of money, and having Microsoft fix it takes a long time and is not particularly efficient.

Secondly, you will need to purchase an Xbox 360 repair guide if you want to fix your console. One of these will contain all of the instructional material you need to be able to fix Xbox 360 red ring light errors.

You can purchase one of these repair guides online for around $30-$40. What you must demand from your repair guide are step-by-step video instructions, as these will make it so much easier to fix your Xbox 360, get rid of the red lights problem, and get gaming again once again.

Apart from a repair guide, you will also need screwdrivers of Phillps and flat-headed variety, as well as a well-lit bench on which you can work. By following the instructions in your repair guide you should be gaming again in less than 90 minutes, and the Xbox 360 red lights error will be a thing of the past!

You got the latest Assassin's Creed Xbox 360 DVD and started wiring it up to the screen. After switching it on, you noticed that that the dreaded three ring lights are illuminated. It will not cheer you up but Microsoft lost around 1 billion USD in trying to repair or replace the fault that was brought to their attention. It shows how many people had problems with the ring.

If you are still enjoying the warranty for your gaming console the best option is to return it to the sales outlet you purchased it from to be repaired.. However the simple process of obtaining a replacement can take up more than two weeks.

So if either the warranty is expired or you don't want to wait too long for the machine to be returned to you just take a few more minutes to find out what to do? The course of action has been successfully adopted by thousands of our users.

If 1, 3 and 4 red lights are flashing it is to inform that Xbox 360 is facing a general hardware fault. It could be the result of a break in the Southbridge Chipset or graphics chip might have been damaged. The Red Ring can be the product of the console not getting acceptable power supply. This could mean that you have linked the power cords improperly or break down of the PSU or surge in power supply is affecting the Xbox. If you have recently experienced freezing on some Xbox 360 games at different times there is a good chance for a hardware fault.

Use Secondary Error Codes to identifying the correct fault. Press the sync up button after switching on Xbox 360 and read the binary code given. You can compare light intensity to get the secondary error codes.

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