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What is straddle in Poker?


Poker probably is the most widespread card game in the world. There are also extra rules and techniques in addition to these simple regulations on which you should also learn if you wish to succeed in high-stakes games. An important aspect of poker is known as the straddle. Straddle refers to a specific pre-voluntary bet, which takes place before the “first player” clockwise from the dealer/button. This blog will explain what a straddle is and its effects on the gameplay.

What is a straddle bet?


A straddle bet is an extra bet, which comes in as an option for a player and occurs as soon as the betting goes around from the button in a clockwork manner. A straddle bet refers to a betting strategy in which the player puts money twice the big blind amount. The straddler places a bet which entails unique rights and duties than those of an ordinary stake holder.

Why do players straddle?


There are a couple of strategic reasons why players may decide to straddle. A straddle bet is essentially an enlarged pot as it boosts pot odds and provokes action. It is suitable for players wanting to steal blinds and play large pots. A player can also steal the blinds by playing the straddle bet in which no one else enters the pot. Straddling allows players on a button not willing to go blind to double their money and see a flop with some degree of position. To keep a strong hand hidden and thus give a tough time for opponents to read, some players may choose to open straddling for a range of strength.

Straddle rules and order of betting


Straddling a player alters the usual order of play. Straddling requires doubling the size of the big blind postage. Action now goes on the left-hand player of the straddle who may either make a fold, call or raise. Betting in the counterclockwise direction when there is a raise. Straddler, in this case, has an option of either checking or raising without anyone raising. Action shifts to the left of each player if they check. Furthermore, after the straddler, if all players fold, they can act last and steal the blinds.

Straddling strategy tips for players


In this aspect, do it selectively depending on your position and your perception about the opposing players.u Don't straddle too often. You should straddle from the button because of your position on everyone. When straddling, have all hands either strong or weak so as to mislead others. Because of the greater post-flop larger pot size, many players may opt to post-straddler light and thus, you have to be well prepared to play many hands post-straddler. Watch out for opponents raising and calling light against you when you straddle so that you can make adjustments in your game plan to take advantage of these weaknesses.



While it is an optional but powerful move, the straddle can make a player rich so long as such move is justified according to fundamental principles. Stradle rules in poker sequence though may sound a little bit difficult at first might raise the level of the gameplay if incorporated situationally. It takes a lot of discipline, especially if a player is not skillful enough, but for good players, it allows them to steal blinds, balance ranges and play bigger pots.

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