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Yogi's 'Abbajaan' comment again creates political stir in UP

Yogi's 'Abbajaan' comment again creates political stir in UP

Lucknow ,Sep 13(UNI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath calling Mulayam Singh Yadav as Abbajaan on Monday once again created political stir in the state.

CM Yogi Adityanath said this in Kushinagar, when he said that before 2017 the poor in the state did not get ration as the government of Abbajaan did not allow it and only those who called 'Abbajan' used to digest the ration, sparking a political uproar.

UP Congress spokesperson Amarnath Agarwal retaliated on Yogi's controversial statement and said that during the corona pandemic we have seen how dead bodies of people were seen floating in Mother Ganga and there was no one to take care. He said that Yogi had spoken about before 2017 but even 200 years ago it never happened that hundreds of dead bodies were seen flowing in the Ganges. Yogi sahib who are you? Who are your fathers and who are your brothers?

Mr Agarwal further said that the whole country knows about what happened in UP during the COVD crisis. The PM tried to remove him, but could not because of the Sangh. In a government in which an incident like Hathras happens, the government does not have the right to be in government even for a moment.

The SP spokesperson Anurag Bhadauria said that only scams have happened in UP in the last four and a half years. If Yogi is not able to count the work of his four and a half years, then he is talking here and there to divert the attention of the public. This time the BJP is going to get a setback in the elections.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah also attacked Yogi. He said that I have always said that BJP has no election agenda except spreading communalism and hatred against Muslims. In the statement of the CM that has come out here, he has claimed that Muslims have eaten all the ration meant for the Hindus.

However BJP defended the Yogi's statement saying the opposition cannot digest the reality which has shaped up after the BJP came to power in the state.

State BJP vice president Vijay Bahadur Pathak said "Opposition cannot deny the truth and the fact is that the previous UP governments did nothing for the people".

Yogi, while addressing a gathering in Kushinagar, said that the poor are getting ration today, wasn't this ration available even before 2017? Ration was not available before 2017 because then only those who called Abba Jaan used to digest the ration. Today no one can eat the ration of the poor. If anyone eats, he will go to jail.