Saturday, Aug 15 2020 | Time 12:44 Hrs(IST)
  • Plasma donors to get Rs 5,000 in Bihar : Nitish
  • OPS gets CM's best practices award
  • US Sec of State greets India, says both countries are 'global powers, good friends'
  • 1,689 acre land earmarked for port-based industries : VOC Port Chairman
  • PM Modi launches National Digital Health Mission
  • Vocal for Local, Re-Skill and Up-Skill will help India move towards self-reliant economy: PM
  • Kashmir continues to be on high alert; drones keeping vigil
  • I-Day Celebrations: Guv salutes Corona warriors for their grit and determination in fighting pandemic
  • FC Barcelona crushed 2-8 by FC Bayern in Champions League quarter-final
  • I-Day: Kejriwal hoists National Flag at his residence
  • Preserve the basic principles on which this country was founded : Mamata
  • China registers 22 new COVID-19 cases, another 20 asymptomatic coronavirus cases
  • Adityanath lauds Ram Temple construction, triple talaq, CAA in his I-Day speech
  • South Korea records biggest daily increase in number of COVID-19 cases since March 11
  • 74th ID celebrated, LG unfurls national flag, no march past due to COVID-19
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If you are reading this article, then you might be planning to purchase the right air conditioner for your place. Do you know why most of the households prefer to buy air coolers for their site? Yes! It is one of the most affordable and environment-friendly approaches to get rid of hot sunny days. Additionally, it is also preferred for its long-lasting performance.


Due to its vast demand, choosing the right air cooler seems to be daunting. If you also think that choosing the right cooler is a challenging task, then all your doubts will be over here. In this article, you will get to know about the detailed information about different types of coolers that best suits your requirements.




Whenever you plan to purchase air cooler, firstly know its type because choosing the right type of cooler will help you to get adequate cooling in your home without breaking your banks. If you still cannot afford to purchase the specific type of cooler due to its high cost, then renting is the best option. One can get cooler on rent in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, etc. irrespective of the place you live in. Now, let’s take a look at various types of air coolers available in the market.









These are the commonly purchased coolers that are small in size and can be placed near your bed, sofa, table, chair, etc. These are portable units that have better air-delivery indoors. The best part about personal coolers is that you can shift it from one place to another easily as it comes with castor wheels. Also, the tank capacity for personal coolers is not so big. Tank generally contains water between 25 to 40 liters.


If we talk about energy consumption, then you will get huge benefits. These types of coolers consume less energy and cover minimum space. Also, they are less noisy and best to cool down your room temperature. If you just want to get a cooler for a small area or room, then go with personal coolers.







Desert coolers are another type of air conditioners that are big and have huge water storage capacity. Fitting of desert coolers is usaully done outside the room as it takes in air from the outer areas. Also, the water tank capacity of these types of coolers is normally from 40-60 liters, and you need to fill it twice a day.


Apart from this, there are some of the desert coolers that have large cooling pads due to which they generate more cooling. These types of coolers are best, especially in dry weather conditions. But yes, it’s sometimes really challenging to shift from one pace to another, irrespective of its caster wheels.


If you are planning to buy a cooler for medium to large-sized rooms such as hall, restaurant, officers, etc. then go for the desert cooler.







As the name suggests, these are the types of coolers that are installed in the windows and cover very little space. These are similar to the window ACs. If you do not want to place it in the window, then you can also use portable trolleys to place the window coolers.


If we talk about energy consumption, then window coolers are energy efficient and can consume water up to 50 liters. These types of coolers are best suited for small areas. Also, the cost of a window cooler is affordable and has a smart look.






Tower coolers are new and stylish coolers that are new in the market and offer superior air delivery. These are sleek in size and can generally fit in small areas. The design of tower coolers catch the eyes of people and suit the aesthetics of the room. It is one of the smartest air conditioning product which is less expensive and cool.


The water tank capacity of tower coolers is between 20 to 40 liters. Hence, it can be used for a long time continuously. These coolers are also moveable. One can shift the tower coolers according to the need and floor size. So, if you want to stuff cooler in your room without affecting its beauty, then tower cooler will best suit your needs.




Once you decide one specific type of air cooler, then don’t forget to evaluate its additional features. Because there are some of the add-ons that directly affect your choice. If your specific air cooler has all the below-mentioned features, then it will be the best purchase decision you will ever make.





Don’t forget to check whether the air conditioner you are planning to buy is compatible with inverter not. Also, make a check on how much energy is consumed when air cooler runs on the inverter.




If you want to get more cooling, then go for purchasing the air cooler, which includes an ice cube tray. Because the ice placed in the tray will slowly melt that will further be added into the water tank and cools the air.




If the air cooler will have a water level indicator, then it would be easy for you to check how much water is filled in the tank. Furthermore, you can easily refill the tank whenever required.




Always go with the air cooler, which has the option of the speed control knob. It will help you to alter the fan speed according to your needs.




Shutoff dampers are the flaps that open and close according to the working of the machine. If you want to reduce the loss of cooling, then don’t forget to look at this feature while purchasing or renting the air cooler.


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