Wednesday, Oct 20 2021 | Time 15:44 Hrs(IST)
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Threats to academic freedom under current government discussed at Difficult Dialogues Forum

Panaji, Feb 3 (UNI) The last day of the three-day forum on education policy, Difficult Dialogues, began with spirited discussions on new threats to academic freedom such as professors from public universities who have been suspended for their views, which were considered anti-national, under the current government on Saturday.
Experts also talked about the evolving role of technology in education, the counselling of students suffering from mental health issues, the challenges of creating a curriculum for a diverse country like India, and including communities to strengthen school management committees.
Speaking about ‘New Threats to Academic Freedom’, Hindi Professor Apoorvanand Jha of Delhi University cited many examples of professors including Anand Teltumbde from Goa, who have been arrested, hauled up or suspended for minor reasons that have been branded as anti-national or anti-army. “This culture is new… the majoritarian, Hindutva view. The branding of professors Nivedita Menon and Romila Thapar (is serving to) dumb down universities. The threat is this party BJP and it's parent RSS which has been rallying against academics. What's new is this organized attack on intellectuals.”
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