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Sanjeev Nanda’s The Claridges: Home to gastronomical delights

Sanjeev Nanda’s The Claridges: Home to gastronomical delights

Mar 05, 2021: When one first enters the majestic 5 star hotel, its magnificence is something that can’t be ignored. But for someone looking forward to an experience that tantalizes their tastebuds, the presence of some of the best eateries inside the premises is the most enticing prospect. We are talking about The Claridges, New Delhi, which has become home to several prominent restaurants and bars over the years under the aegis of its CEO, restauranteur Sanjeev Nanda.

What makes the eateries at The Claridges stand apart is the classic Sanjeev Nanda touch – innovation mingled with grandeur in a manner that does not scream overdone, but rather whispers of subtlety. Some of the most delectable recipes from around the world are brought together inside the same premises, cooked to perfection by seasoned culinary experts – a heavenly experience for any food connoisseur.

From Ye Old Bakery to the iconic Dhaba and Aura, restaurants and bars at Nanda's magnum opus offer a carefully curated assortment of some of the most authentic recipes in the city, while bringing together the classic old and the vibing new together. Each restaurant and bar has a unique concept, has carved its own niche, and is considered among crème de la crème when it comes to serving the best food in the National Capital.

For example, Ye Old Bakery in The Claridges is one of the oldest bakery shops in New Delhi, and is known for its signature bakes like Bitter Sweet Chocolate Cake. On the other hand, the iconic Dhaba, which also happens to be the brainchild of The Claridges’ CEO Sanjeev Nanda, runs on the theme of rustic vibes of a small village in Punjab, serving Desi delicacies such as Malti Meat, Kanastree Baingan, and the classic Butter Chicken.

The same holds true for other restaurants in The Claridges. Jade, inspired by the ceremonial Chinese stone, is popular for its authentic Chinese-Cantonese offerings such as Spicy Sweet Bean Lobster and Crispy Aromatic Duck. Aura houses 55 vodka brands inside a serene setting, making it a paradise for vodka lovers. Pickwicks and Sevilla take fine dining to an entirely new level with their buffets and fine wines.

Compiling such diversity together into a gastronomical mosaic is a task that might seem quite easy at first, but is certainly not. As the CEO of The Claridges, Sanjeev Nanda has certainly done a marvelous job there. The conceptualization of new eateries without compromising the position of the existing ones in the F&B sector is quite a remarkable feat, which The Claridges CEO has achieved in his own signature style.

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