Thursday, Apr 18 2024 | Time 14:00 Hrs(IST)

Stubb wins Finnish presidential election

Stubb wins Finnish presidential election

Helsinki, Feb 12 (UNI) The presidential candidate for the National Coalition Alexander Stubb won the Finnish presidential election on Sunday.
Stubb got 51.6 percent of votes, while Independent Green candidate Pekka Haavisto got 48.4 percent, according to figures released by the Finnish Ministry of Justice.
Haavisto has congratulated Stubb for winning the election.
Sami Borg, election analyst for national broadcaster Yle, noted the result is the tightest during the era of a direct popular vote.
The voter turnout reached 70.7 percent.
During the election evening, Haavisto's share kept increasing as the count progressed, but he was not able to catch up with the difference.


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