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Goa Games App Download | How to Deposit and Withdraw Money from Goa Games App


To start playing real money games and earning rewards, you need to deposit funds into your Goa Games account. Similarly, seamless withdrawals allow you to transfer your winnings safely back to your bank. Here are the steps to deposit and withdraw money on Goa Games app:

Depositing Money into Goa Games Wallet

-        Open Goa Games app and tap the wallet icon at the bottom right.

-        Your wallet will show the available balance. Tap 'Add Money' to deposit.

-        You will see various payment options - UPI, Paytm, PhonePe, Bank Transfers etc.

-        For instant deposits, UPI is the fastest method. BHIM, Google Pay, PhonePe UPI apps can be used.

-        Enter your UPI ID and the deposit amount. Maximum single deposit is ₹10,000.

-        For other methods, enter relevant details carefully and amount. Processing time is longer.

-        Once your deposit request is successful, the added money reflects instantly in wallet.

-        Deposit frequently in smaller amounts as per your gaming requirement. Do not overfund the wallet.

Withdrawing Money from Goa Games to Bank

-        To withdraw your winnings, first ensure your account is KYC verified for hassle-free process.

-        In the app, go to My Account > Withdrawal and enter withdrawal amount.

-        Daily withdrawal limit is ₹10,000. You will need approval for higher single withdrawals.

-        Enter your bank details - account number, IFS Code etc if not already added.

-        Submitted withdrawal request is processed within 24 hours on weekdays.

-        You will receive SMS/email once withdrawn amount is credited to your bank account.

-        Withdraw frequently without waiting for the amount to accumulate too much.

Verifying Your Account

-        To increase withdrawal limits and speed, get your account verified by submitting KYC documents.

-        Under My Account, click on documents verification.

-        Upload clear images of PAN card and bank passbook/statement for verification.

-        PAN verification is mandatory. Bank account verification optional but recommended.

-        Documents are verified within 24 hours after uploading.

-        On verification, daily withdrawal limit rises to ₹50,000 with faster processing.

Transaction Safety

-        All monetary transactions on Goa Games app are secured by SSL encryption.

-        User wallet details are securely stored and not shared with third parties.

-        Only transfer money via UPI or methods as listed in the app. Do not attempt unauthorized transactions.

-        Update registered bank details or UPI IDs if changed to avoid issues.

Customer Support

Goa Games provides dedicated customer support to assist users with any issues faced during deposits and withdrawals. Some ways you can get help are:

Live Chat:

-        Open Goa Games app and tap the Support icon on the bottom left. This will open the live chat.

-        Chat with customer support executives to get instant resolution for deposit/withdrawal issues.

-        The chat supports are available 24x7 and all issues are resolved quickly.

Email Support:

-        Go to the Goa Games website and click on Support in the footer menu.

-        Here you can raise a ticket by filling details of your issue.

-        The email support team will contact you and help resolve your problems.

-        You will get a reply to your queries within 8-12 business hours.

Call Support:

-        For urgent assistance, call the Goa Games support number +91-6366205738.

-        Talk to the executive clearly explaining your deposit or withdrawal issue.

-        Based on your details, the executive will suggest solutions or escalate if required.

-        The call support is available from Monday to Saturday.

So, in case of any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact Goa Games customer support through any of the above channels. They will ensure your problems are resolved quickly.

Final words

By following the right process for deposits and withdrawals, you can have a smooth experience managing money on Goa Games app. This will allow you to conveniently add funds for playing games and withdrawing your winnings


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