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Lockdown Woes and How People Spend their time in 2020 Post on UNI


Dubai, Oct 2, 2020 (UNI/Topnews): In January 2020, no one would have imagined that business, travel, work and dining out across the world would come to a screeching halt by the end of March 2020. As countries across the world announced lockdowns, people had no option but to stay at home. In March 2020, people were expecting that the lockdowns would be for a couple of weeks but many regions continued to have strict lockdowns as COVID-19 pandemic was difficult to contain despite strict action from local governments. Medical facilities weren’t prepared for the massive number of patients that needed critical care.

Everyone is well aware of the fact that we are living in different times and people have found new ways to keeping themselves busy while they stay more at home. The lockdowns have been eased but the outdoor activities have reduced in 2020.

Online Video Steaming Platform Emerge as Clear Winners

The data from popular entertainment platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go and YouTube suggests that people are spending more time watching online videos, movies and TV series. Usage of fitness apps also increased during 2020 as people were having more of free time while they were staying at home. While people were staying at home, YouTube channels providing cooking tips also witnessed an increase in demand for their content.

Online Gaming and iGaming Apps Gain Further Ground during Pandemic

Other major business segment that has gained from the pandemic is online gaming, sports betting and online gambling. The data for mobile apps that have witnessed higher downloads during the pandemic suggests that online games, sports betting and igaming apps have been gaining popularity. Casino-based games that offer options for deposit and withdrawals in Indian currency have gained prominence in the recent months. The land-based casinos were put under lockdown by governments across the world, online casinos picked-up pace as bettors had no option but to go online.

While online casinos were even gaining market share before pandemic, the lockdowns helped them register strong growth in many segments. Online Casinos in India are also gaining popularity in the recent months. Many platforms offer options for bettors in India with discounts, special offers and detailed reviews for different casinos operating in the Indian market. All the online casinos listed on this website are registered with gaming authorities in Europe (Malta or UK) or in Indian state of Sikkim.

First time traders show interest in Stock Market Investment Apps

During pandemic, many youngsters started investing in stocks and this led to overnight success for stock market investing app Robindhood, managed by financial services company Robinhood Markets. Despite the pandemic, the stock markets have witnessed much stronger performance during the last three months. The panic selling witnessed during March 2020 is already a thing of the past and stocks are moving higher across different sectors. New retail investors and especially the young investors in the United States, have led to impressive gains for companies like Apple, Tesla Motors, NetFlix, Facebook, Google and Amazon.

A study conducted by statistics agency eMarketer suggests that time spent on leisure activity outdoors declined. Time spent on social media registered 87 percent growth during the severe lockdown in India, which continued from March end till the first week of May. After many weeks, Indian government started announcing relaxation for many businesses and other important activities. Video-conferencing app Zoom registered impressive gains as many schools started using the app. Apps like Tik-Tok and PUBG also gained market share but recently these two apps were banned by Indian government due to their connection with China. Video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar registered nearly 30 percent increase in usage during the pandemic.

While COVID-19 pandemic has led to trouble for many businesses, it has also brought opportunity for home-based businesses and jobs that can be done online. While we are living in tough times, it is prudent to make the best possible outcome from the conditions we live in and iGaming offers an interesting way of beating lockdown woes.


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