Tuesday, Dec 11 2018 | Time 17:52 Hrs(IST)
  • Rahul notches up first big win as Cong to form Govt in Raj, C'Garh, closes in on majority mark in MP
  • Assembly poll outcome shows BJP lost popularity : Rajini
  • Legislators urge PSU banks to come for one-time settlement on farm loan waiver
  • Rebel-turned-politician Zoramthanga to don CM hat in Mizoram again
  • Rebel-turned-politician Zoramthanga to don CM hat in Mizoram again
  • West Bengal, Bihar, Karnataka CMs conveys wishes to KCR
  • Pakistan accepts India has stakes in Afghanistan
  • More doctors soon in HP medical colleges: Mins
  • Congress set to stage comeback in Rajasthan
  • MNF gets majority in Mizoram; Set to form government
  • MNF gets majority in Mizoram; Set to form government
  • Yogi govt to bring 2nd supplementary budget in State Assy on Dec 19
  • Pakistan accepts India has stakes in Afghanistan
  • Protest held outside Vidhan Sabha for speedy implementation of FRA
  • Union Home Dept has rejected Karnataka’s request for use of Kannada in High Court: Minister
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Leverage Edu: One stop shop for career making

Leverage Edu: One stop shop for career making

By Rita Sachdeva

New Delhi, July 18 (UNI) Students--if you are looking for a one stop shop for career mentorship, college applications, readying for the first job--your search ends here.

'Leverage Edu is a tech marketplace having 700 plus experts on one side and students on the other side with an ability to discover 50,000 plus programmes from different universities across the globe,' Akshay Chaturvedi, its CEO & co-founder, told UNI.

Using Artificial Intelligence algorithm, students get matched to an expert 'just like them' - making learning absolutely personalised, says Akshay.

'Students and experts with similar backgrounds, education and place of origin are matched,' he said.

Experts, who from across the world comprise professionals working in Fortune 500, startups and government organisations, help students in three ways -- application in college education, readying them for work and matching with same company people for career guidance and goal clarity and basic career guidance class-- explained the Delhi boy who is just in his 20s.

The platform also acts as a one stop shop for a plenty of value-added services including test preparation, forex services, loan apply and veritas prep products.

'We control the customer fully. We give them information, then job, loan if required, then we provide them accommodation too. Everything is available on one platform,' Akshay says.

Founded in April 2017, the start-up has grown by 1400 per cent in 15 months, says the young entrepreneur.

Presently the company, co-founded by Rajiv Ganjoo, Akshay's senior who has worked in senior roles in the education industry has branches in Delhi, Bangalore and Dubai and they are planning to expand to Ahmedabad, Pune, Indore and Mumbai..

Mission on the outset...

Akshay said,'We aspire to help one million plus students for bettering careers, and automatically their families.'

Unique thing of the start-up...

'It is one-stop shop. Starting from career counselling to getting jobs and homes,' he said.

Most satisfied moments...

Students thank him effusively. 'They take us out for lunches. It is a great feeling that every month you are impacting so many careers and in turn, families of these students.'

With majority 80 per cent interaction online, he was apprehensive initially that 'will the people trust his setup'. But, that fear is gone as people were trusting them, he said.

His biggest fear has become his biggest victory, says Akshay.

What motivates him...

'The single fact that we can impact so many careers.

'If we are able to build up a billion dollar company in this space and affect one million families, as their spending capacity also increases, then this is really inspiring.

'We are actually adding to the GDP of the country in this way. This is a great feeling.'

Soon to be married, Akshay says if he had a chance to start all over again, he would start his career with a start-up because as the learning process there is exponentially faster.

'In a bigger set-up, you are just a cog in the wheel, but in a smaller firm, you mature faster as bigger responsibilities are given.

'Gradually, acceptance is coming for start-ups. Quality of understanding is more. Learning in a smaller company is always more,' he said.

'I had no exposure. I had good mentors which I want to democratise.

'So we are providing counsellors to our students,' says the young entrepreneur.

His mission is to built as many beautiful careers as possible.

Advice to budding entrepreneurs...

'Read a lot, all top people are voracious readers.

'Just work at a small setup. Don't choose setups, choose people. A right mentor will ensure your super career.'

And lastly, concentrate on execution. There is no substitute for the hard work, he stated.

The ISB Hyderabad MBA is inspired by a lot of people including Naval Ravikant, CEO and co-founder of AngelList and 'a great set of investors'.

Akshay averred, 'There are no egos in a start-up: Anybody can question you, then only the company grows. This should be the culture which the bigger companies are starting to understand now.'


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