Sunday, Apr 11 2021 | Time 03:28 Hrs(IST)
  • Thane Traffic police take action on over 1,200 alleged violators
  • Climate envoy Kerry may become 1st top Biden official to visit China next week : Reports
  • Mozambique security services fear emergence of IS enclave in country : Source
  • Top diplomats of Turkey, Egypt hold rare phone call amid push for normalization : Source
  • Covid-19: 4,294 new cases detected in Nashik
  • Djibouti's veteran ruler re-elected for fifth consecutive term : Interior Minister
  • Turkey-Ukraine defense co operation not directed against third countries : Erdogan
  • German, French, Ukrainian leaders may meet within week: Kiev's official
  • Attack on Mozambique's Palma involved militants from at least 4 countries : Source
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DSP Investment Managers launches DSP Floater Fund

Kolkata, Mar 04 (UNI) DSP Investment Managers Private Limited has announced the launch of DSP Floater Fund (the scheme), an open ended debt scheme predominantly investing in sovereign bonds and overnight index swaps (OIS) to help investors better navigate interest rate cycles.
The NFO is scheduled to open on March 04, 2021 and will close on March 17, 2021.

DSP Floater Fund is a one of its kind product in the short term category (duration band of 1 to 4 years) with interest rate hedge using paid position in OIS. The Scheme aims to offer relatively stable returns for investors without worrying about changes in interest rate cycles.
The Scheme aims to navigate interest rate cycles in an optimal manner, having the potential to gain from fall in interest rates as well as aiming to shield portfolio returns in times of reversal of the interest rate cycle.

The Scheme will allocate a minimum of 65% and a maximum of 100% in floating rate debt securities and have exposure mainly in Sovereign Securities issued by state and central government and OIS for creating synthetic floating rate exposure. The Scheme also proposes to invest up to 35% in fixed rate debt securities including money market instruments.

The Scheme has elements of active and passive fund management, having active management in paid OIS position with the passive roll down strategy in Government Securities and State Development Loans. The Scheme is suitable for investors who seek a low risk alternative to fixed deposits with a minimum holding period of over 1 year and prefer portfolios with no credit risk and high liquidity.
“Roll down funds have been a preferred choice for many investors in the 3 years. DSP launched its own roll down fund – Corporate Bond Fund when rates were high (9%) in 2018. As the interest rate cycle shows signs of reversal, we felt it is a good time to introduce a roll down sovereign (short term) fund with OIS that helps hedge against the interest rate risk. The attempt is to capture the term spread at 5 years but minimise volatility if interest rates rise, says Kalpen Parekh, President, DSP Investment Managers.
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Bullion Market Closing Rates

Bullion Market Closing Rates

10 Apr 2021 | 4:36 PM

Chennai, Apr10(UNI) Following is the bullion markets
closing rate here today.

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10 Apr 2021 | 2:56 PM

Kozhikode, Apr 10 (UNI) Following were the rates in the Kozhikode Coir market today per quintal,
Coir Koyilandi No 1 Rs 9, 100
No 2 Rs 8, 300
Beypore No 1 Rs 6, 500
NO 2 Rs 6, 000.

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10 Apr 2021 | 2:53 PM

Kozhikode, Apr 10 (UNI) Following were the rates in the Kozhikode Oil market today per quintal,
Copra Office Rs 13,300,
Dilpas Rs 13,400,
Rajapur Rs 17,100,
Bolls Rs 15,500,
Coconut oil Rs 20,900.

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10 Apr 2021 | 2:50 PM

Kozhikode, Apr 10 (UNI) Following were the rates in the Kozhikode Spices market today per quintal,
Pepper Nadan, Rs 36,000,
Chettan Rs 37,800,
Wynadan Rs 39,000,
Ginger (new) Rs 16,000
Cardamom Green (New) Rs 3,650.

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10 Apr 2021 | 2:46 PM

Kozhikode, Apr 10 (UNI) Following was the rate in the Kozhikode Rubber market today,
RMA LOT (RSS 4) Rs 16,600
(RSS 5) Rs 15,000.

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