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Bangladeshi-origin arms dealer Moosa bin Shamsher moves to avert World War III

By Mir Afroz Zaman
Dhaka, Mar 8 ( UNI) Multi-billionaire Bangladeshi-origin arms dealer Moosa bin Shamsher, once one of the 10 top richest men in the world, has warned of World War III breaking out over tensions between the USA and its communist rival North Korea.

Washington and Pyongyang have been at loggerheads for months over the North's nuclear and missile programmes, with USA President Donald Trump and the communist dictator Kim Jong Un trading insults and threatening war.
Dr Moosa bin Shamsher says he broke the code of silence in Edmund Snowden style for the benefit of the world.
In his plain spoken communication, Dr Shamsher urged the President to change his attitude. He fears if the present situation is mishandled, it could trigger World War III and doomsday for America.
His fear of this happening, he said, led him to become a whistle-blower.
''My conscience would not permit me to remain silent, see America reduced to ashes and millions die, when it’s preventable,'' he said.
A letter, Donald Trump received recently, could change the course of history and prevent the World War III and an Islamic war.
Former Trump campaign chairman, veteran lobbyist and lawyer, Paul Manafort was entrusted to hand-deliver the letter to President Trump from arms dealer Dr Moosa bin Shamsher.
Dr Shamsher said he chose his long-time friend and business associate to deliver the document to Trump because of its ''colossal importance, especially to America,'' and Manafort was the one person he could rely upon to deliver it.
In the letter to the US President, Dr Shamsher advised Trump to back off from North Korea to prevent him from triggering a war that America wouldn’t win and millions of lives would be lost.
The international arms dealer of Bangladeshi origin and business tycoon has politely, but firmly warned Trump to back off from taking any military action against North Korea and Iran.
''The letter could change the course of history, prevent World War III and an Islamic war,'' opined Dr Shamsher, who is listed among The 10 Most Notorious Arms Dealers in the World.
Dr Shamsher told the American President in a strongly-worded hand-delivered despatch that he is privy to vital information the American intelligence agencies don’t know about and without it World War III is a
strong possibility.
Aged 73, the arms dealer, who has brokered many military contracts worldwide since the early 1970s, claims North Korea is the most powerful country on earth.
Two members of the disbanded Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) commission warned American Congress that a nuclear EMP attack from North Korea was the biggest threat to the USA, but their information is out of date, it’s a lot worse than that.
''North Korea has the capability to destroy the three-million square miles of the USA in 42 minutes 42 seconds precisely. Major cities across the United States would be wiped out quicker than you can say Trump Tower,” claims Dr Moosa.
''That kind of power is unprecedented in history and terrifying, but even more frightening is the fact Kim Jong-Un has it and, if provoked, would use it,'' he added.
''Imagine what damage could be done with something like one-million times more powerful bombs than those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the World War II. That’s the sort of power North Korea can unleash to anywhere in the world and with precision targeting,'' said the international business tycoon.
He pleaded with the US President to resolve problems and differences through dialogue. This is not a make-believe Hollywood movie in which America will emerge triumphant in the end with ticker-tape parades and such. ''If Trump proceeds on the course he’s taking, America won’t exist and other countries will be affected.
''There’s never been a greater threat to western civilisation and life as we know it, as there is now,'' added the eccentric multi-billionaire, who hit the world headlines several times for his personal indulgence of wearing diamonds on his shoes.
He knows for certain that North Korea has the power to bring the world to its knees. That was one of many secrets his former business partner and renowned Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi shared with him prior to his death in June. Khashoggi had brokered the deals.
The threat is real and if the USA takes on North Korea it will be a million-times worse blunder than when it took on Vietnam. It will be America’s doomsday. The war and its horrific effects will be home-delivered right to the American doorsteps, he warned.
While no one should underestimate the power of nuclear weaponry, ICBM is not in the average class. It’s in a class entirely on its own. It’s more powerful than the scientists, who perfected it, had ever hoped to achieve.
When ICBM is launched at a target; there is no system capable of stopping it, Dr Shamsher observed.
North Korea and Iran are the two countries that should be of the greatest concern to the world right now, for different reasons.
''North Korea and Iran literally hold in their hands the power of life or death for millions of people throughout the world and that’s not a comforting thought,'' he said.
Of the two nations, he said North Korea is the one to be feared most, because the enormous power is in the grasp of Kim Jong-Un, a mentally imbalanced all-powerful dictator whom nobody within North Korea would dare to argue or disagree.
If the North Korean leader decides to press the button, there’s no one to stop him. His grip on reality is questionable. He sees weapons of mass destruction similar to pre-pubescent boys playing with plastic guns and other war toys. Nuclear weapons are his hobby and passion.
To prevent World War III and perhaps the greatest Islamic war in history, it’s essential dialogue reigns supreme. That President Trump does nothing to inflame the now critical volatile situation; that the Americans and Saudis know of the imminent dangers facing them, and that common-sense prevails on all sides, or God help all of us, said Dr Shamsher.
He thought that by bringing his letter to the attention of President Trump, Paul Manafort has performed a great service to America, maybe even the world, if World War III is prevented.
In Bangladesh, Dr. Moosa is considered as the kingpin of manpower business. His name figures prominently when the matter of manpower business comes.
From 1980s to 1990s, Dr Moosa was No 10 rich man in the world.
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