Sunday, May 19 2019 | Time 21:00 Hrs(IST)
  • Nagaland NPF party severs tie with Manipur Govt
  • Nagaland NPF party severs tie with Manipur Govt
  • NDA to clean sweep Jharkhand says BJP; JMM claims people voted against Centre and state
  • UP BJP hails exit polls prediction of BJP-led NDA govt at Centre
  • 5 9-magnitude quake hits 174km E of Tadine, New Caledonia -- USGS
  • Democracy's finest hour: 68% turnout, 542 LS seats, NDA win forecast
  • Blast near tourist bus injures at least 17 in Egypt
  • Mamata, Derek o' Brien & Omar dismiss exit polls, say May 23 will show real picture
  • 65-70 pc voters turnout in Punjab, over 64 pc in Chandigarh
  • Sukhbir Badal thanks people of Punjab for voting in large number
  • Modi congratulates Morrison on poll victory
  • Repolling in seven booths in Kerala ended peacefully
  • Naidu continues efforts to form non-BJP front, meets Sonia, Rahul, other opp leaders
  • Russian Energy Minister says discussed oil market situation with Saudi Counterpart
  • Around 57 pc polling in UP in last phase, by and large peaceful

A sneak peek into Delhi diaries of 'Insta lot'

A sneak peek into Delhi diaries of 'Insta lot'

By Aprajita Snatak

New Delhi, May 10 (UNI) The D day is here when voting will be held in Delhi, which houses Rashtrapati Bhawan, Prime Minister's Office, the Supreme Court, and among others crowded Chandni Chowk and last but not the least people's zeal to live life to the fullest which makes it 'Dil walon ki Dilli'.

As India elects its 17th Lok Sabha gradually passing through seven-phase poll, and while Delhiites are busy pressing the button on Sunday, in the penultimate phase of General elections, UNI talked to many aspiring youths, entrepreneurs, experts in their own fields, start-up owners and freelancers and got some interesting inputs from across the Capital on how they see the New India to be and whom do they think can become the face and faith of the Nation.

Young entrepreneur Swati Sharma has this to share: 'The new India scares me. With brainwashed and highly misinformed voters, and almost no genuine leaders, our political scenario is an ideal example of a massive crisis. There is absolute zero discussion about real issues. Every ideology has blind followers, and every “tu chor” has “tera baap Chor” to it. A progressive society is a very subtle balance and in new India every political and social group is trying to tip it to their advantage at the cost of nation’s very spirit. That button NOTA exists for a reason.'

Richa Chakravarty, who is a senior manager in trade promotions, told this correspondent, 'What scenario, which party, no one single party has the calibre to come in power and serve the nation. One is a dictator the other one is no less than Trump. Parties and leaders abusing on National TV. Do they even qualify to represent us.

'I don't feel either of the party is fit to serve. Modi government interfered with the two sacred bodies of country -- RBI (during demonetisation) and the Supreme Court. Our Constitution doesn't give that right to any government. They are autonomous bodies and need to function without government influence or interference. If this is what Mr Modi can do when his government is in power. I don't think we qualify to be called a democracy. So none is fit to serve,' she added.

Promila Verma, who is a homemaker, is confident on who to vote for on Sunday. She said, 'BJP for sure is my choice. There are two main reasons, first Mr Narendra Modi as Prime Minister is doing good work, secondly, we don't have any competent leader in the opposite party(Congress).'

Masters' student form North Campus, Delhi University Mahima thinks that the last five years have been 'very disastrous' for the people of India. She adds on to say: "Women have lost the sense of security. The harshest blow is that our citizens have lost their faith in the words of the Prime Minister and his Government. In this time of deep crisis, the Indian National Congress promises a clean break from the past 5 years. With this manifesto, the Congress offers you the only national alternative: a distinct alternative that is unwavering in its commitment to truth, freedom, dignity, self-respect, and prosperity for our people.'

On New India, Social Media Expert Shipra Abraham feels that it should be the one free of communalism where 'Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Isaai, Aapas mein hon bhai bhai.'

'In the current situation, I don't think any of the parties can do that. Everyone is far-far away from that. Anyway, I may vote to some party for different reasons but not the current one because I feel they have been a major spreader of communal hatred in the country.'

Priyanka Kadam, another working woman in Delhi, feels that the youth should put in a NOTA vote. Where both the leading parties will know the voice of India. 'I support none as I feel both are dooming the country in their own ways. But if I have to put in a choice between the two I would support NAMO for just giving a slight hope, as we all live on hope,' she added.

A student from Amity School of Communications, Jagrit Chowdhary said, 'Considering all the parties that are running for the Lok Sabha elections, BJP can prove to be the best party to get elected in this general elections yet again. The main and a very strong reason to believe it is that BJP is led by a very firm and a bold leader who never backs down while making harsh and strong decisions in shaping our nation. Mr Narendra Modi has proven that time and again. I wouldn’t say that BJP is a flawless political party. But flaws are just meant to be in each and every aspect of life because the world we live in isn’t perfect.'

Vikramaditya, who runs his own business in Rithala, said he wants the BJP to win in the larger frame, but talking about Delhi, he says Aam Aadmi Party can give a tough fight to the saffron party 'as the five phases of voting is in some way showing BJP in doldrums, according to media analysis'.

Freelance dubbing artist from Uttarakhand, who has been staying in New Delhi for the past 20 years, Priyanka Bhandari said, 'I am a non political person and it doesn't matter who gets elected in this general election, I only want an aggressive and progressive government who can work for the welfare of it's people, I want a government who can work against corruption, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and who can do something for women safety. That's all I expect from the upcoming government.'

Thirtyfour-year-old gym owner in Malviya Nagar, Sudhanshu, feels that no party --BJP or Congress will do any good to the nation and in a lighter vein did not mind saying that, 'I think Mayawati will be a good choice for PM's post this time.'

While Harshit Samuel, 18, an engineering student, who will be voting for the first time this year, has a totally different viewpoint as he questions Prime Minister Modi's work style and said, 'I don't think much about all this, but come to think of that what work has Mr Modi done? He just kept roaming here and there. He ordered demonetisation, he started with GST. He got built such a big statue of Unity and wasted so much money in it. Why should we vote for BJP. Congress has still worked for people, thus it should again be given a chance.'

At Sarojini Nagar market, young garments' businessman Gagan Goel, 22, feels the political party best suited for India according to him is BJP.

'According to me Mr Rahul Gandhi is not capable of anything and moreover I guess everyone should stop calling him as the youth of country as many more candidates are more capable than him.'

Himani, a MA Psychology student of Delhi University, said, 'I think BJP can prove to be the best party to get elected in the general elections because it had won with flying colours five years ago and is definitely capable of showing the same enthusiasm again. The saffron party has time and again shown it's vigour and has initiated various educational and health schemes since it has been in power and I think it will work in the favour of public. The candidate from my area Ramesh Bidhuri is also a favourable candidate and can prove to be a good win this elections.'

Radio jockey Urvashi Kabir feels all powers lies with businessmen, leading IT and manufacturing companies these days as they are generating opportunities for young people to learn from, to start the businesses. Also, the technology advancement is seen on a rapid speed because of them. They are generating jobs, they are offering fellowship programs, they are supporting startups by venture funds and raising fund for them.

'I expect more influential, academically strong decision maker from young generation to join politics. In present scenario, people want a representative face on which Congress is compromising choice and thus I think one more term can be given to Mr Modi to complete his some of the pending projects.'

A State Selection Board aspirant Deepti, from Vasant Kunj, said,'Every youth should understand the importance of 'Right to Vote'. A political party chosen should not fiddle with the constitutional institutions like RBI. It should work towards building good social relations with the rest of world. 'Our PM Modi has been successful in building good relations and achieving target such as announcing Azhar Masood as the World's Terrorist by United Nation Security Council.'

Economics Honours student of South Campus, Pranjal Sansanwal feels both the parties have included many interesting things in their manifestos, but coming to the leaders, BJP for sure makes a difference with charismatic personality leader Narendra Modi and 'I think one more term can be given to him for long-run development of the country.'


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A sneak peek into Delhi diaries of 'Insta lot'

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