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  • Brazilian president warns of no money for 5-year salaries if social security reform fails to be approved
  • New Zealand police charges Christchurch gunman with terrorist act
  • Governor, Advisor, DGP congratulate 2 cops for scaling Mount Everest
  • 3 youths killed in road mishap in UP
  • Four IS militants killed in Afghan operation: gov't
  • Counting for Lok Sabha polls in 34 counting halls in Manipur
  • Curfew-like restrictions imposed in downtown, Jamia masjid closed again
  • Venezuelan Prez Maduro proposes early National Assembly elections
  • BSP suspends senior party leader Ramveer Upadhyay
  • 25-hr countdown for PSLV-C46/RISAT-2B mission begins
  • Sensex gains by 95 93 pts
  • Kami Rita Sherpa scales Everest, takes his record tally to 24 times
  • Rupee opens flat at 69 73 against USD
  • Major currencies up
  • Charges of 'intolerance' actually showed Modi has been tolerant: Vivek Oberoi
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5 Indian Foods that will help you get in shape

5 Indian Foods that will help you get in shape

The world of Indian food is intensely colourful and vibrant. Each region of the country has its own varieties of food and distinct flavours. The North is famous for its tandoori, deep fried and korma dishes; the South is known for its hot, spicy and tangy foods; the East food ranges from bland to spicy; and the West specialises in seafood, whereas Central India is a blend of all. Most of the Indian population is a foodie and can’t develop a flavour for oats or corn flakes. But do you know Indian homemade meals can do wonders to your health if eaten in the proper way? Yes, you heard it right!

If you wish to lose weight but don’t want to give up on Indian foods, take a look at our list of healthy Indian foods that are not only delicious but also has a lot of health benefits.

Healthy Indian nutrition foods that will keep your waistlines slim and trim

1. Lentils (Dal)

Lentils play a major role in a meal and is a nutritious food packed with Minerals like iron, potassium and calcium and Vitamin A, B, C and E. They are also a good source of amino acids. If you are planning to get slim, then except for any other daal, eat moong dal for a few months because it is nutritious and low in fat. Lentils are also rich in dietary fibre and protein that provides the following health benefits:

 ●     Control sugar levels

●     Help in digestion

●     Controls high blood cholesterol

 Cook them with less oil and more vegetables for more benefits.

2. Rice (Chawal)

Rice is a staple diet of Indians. They love them especially the white one. White rice is tasty, but they are high on calories, this is the reason why dieticians recommend brown rice. Brown rice is a gluten-free, fiber-rich grain and contains an impressive amount of minerals, vitamins and beneficial compounds. However, if you only want to have white rice, then have a small bowl of it and supplement it with two rotis (Chapattis).

If your diet lack in nutrition take nutritional supplements like whey protein, mass gainers, soy protein etc. to fill the nutrition gap.

3. Chapati ( Roti)

Chapati or Roti is another staple diet of the Indians. Wheat flour is used to make rotis but now multigrain atta is available in the market, which has an equal proportion of jawar, bajra, wheat, sattu or barley. It is rich in fiber and carbohydrates, meaning good for your stomach and gives a lot of energy to the body.

Paranthas and roti both are made of flour, the only difference between the chapati and parantha is that chapatis are roasted on the fire while paranthas with ghee, butter or oil. So, for better health and weight loss, opt for rotis.

4. Cheese ( Paneer)

Cheese is the best meat substitute for vegetarians. Cheese is made of milk and rich in protein and calcium, making it good for your bones and health. Worried about the high calories in it? You need not to worry at all as the calorie content of cheese depends on whether it is made from toned milk or full cream milk. Taste remains the same but calories are cut down. You can make cheese at home with toned milk. You should try palak-paneer, it is tasty and nutritious.

5. Indian Curries

What makes the Indian curries famous all over the world is there taste, texture and spiciness. No doubt its creamy texture can make everyone drool, but sometimes the oil floating on them makes them avoidable for diet or health conscious people.

To make them favourable for all, just cook them in non-stick pans with less roasted whole spices and oil. Instead of cream use curd for the creamy texture.

Apart from all these dishes curd, idli and dhokla are also beneficial in weight loss. So, try these fantastic dishes and please don’t torture yourself with boring food to lose weight. 


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